Team Plant Power- Project 1

Project by group lmcgoshgarianfall2019

Explore We know that plants grow and evolve just like humans, but unlike humans, they need only sunlight and water to live. We also know that plants can produce food, like fruits and vegetables. We are especially interested in plants that eat meat.
Research Question We would really like to study how plants grow and evolve. We would also like to study plant's habitats and how they affect the plants.
Predictions We think that the salt and oil plants will die and that the microplastic plant will do poorly. We also think that the extra soil and the fertilizer plants will grow great.
Conclusion We found that micro plastics don't effect plant growth and that salt and oil are bad growing environments for water plants. We also found that to much fertilizer is not heathly for a plant and that extra soil is not that good for a plant
Investigation Theme AFW
Grade Level Elementary School (5th grade)
School Name Lake Michigan Catholic
Session Fall 2019