Urban RISE

Project by group lcscanadyfall2019

Explore At the Urban Farm we grow plants, vegetables, and flowers. Some of the plants and vegetables that we grow go to low income families in our community. We buy all of our seeds with the money that we earn from doing poinsettia sales. We have the opportunity to grow our plants in the city hall’s greenhouse. We are going to testif the plants inside and outside to better than the plants in the greenhouse.
Research Question Will growing plants in a greenhouse be better or worse for the plants growth than growing them inside or outside?
Predictions The plants that are inside will get more consistent conditions. Although the plants outside will get wind, more sunlight, and hotter and cooler temperatures than the plants growing inside. The plants in the greenhouse will be our control group. Since the inside plants will be getting more controlled variables, we predict that they will do better than the plants inside, especially since the temperature is dropping. Overall we think the plants in the greenhouse will do better.
Experimental Design We will test the percentage of germination, the rate of germination, we could the measure the difference in color, size, and how spindly the seedlings are. We will keep the same container, amount of fertilizer, the amount of water that we give them, and we will use coconut coir grow mediums for the plants.
Investigation Theme WOS
Grade Level Middle School Students (grades 6,7,8)
School Name Lakeland Christian School
Session Fall 2019