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Explore Plants are organisms that are living and giving us oxygen. What we know now is the equation of photosynthesis and that plants need glucose.
Research Question What is the effect of different light waves on the rate of photosynthesis?
Predictions We predict that the white light will have the fastest rate on photosynthesis because it has all look got light waves pointing at the plant. Green won’t have any effect on photosynthesis last reflects the green light wave.
Experimental Design We are putting 4 different Elodeas in 4 different jars full of water. We will then place each Jar under a different color light. We then wait to see how the light effects the rate of photosynthesis.
Conclusion We tested what the cause of different wavelengths of light would have on the rate of photosynthesis. Our prediction was that white light would have sped up photosynthesis, because it has all the colors in a visible spectrum that a plant needs to absorb or reflect. The plant can absorb whatever color to use. Chlorophyll reflects green light and absorbs reds, purples, and blues. White light doesn’t limit any of this. Our hypothesis was correct, we did suspect that red light would do well, but not that it would be the same. The graph shows that white light made photosynthesis happen quickly, because on the 4th day it had 3.5 centimeters of oxygen gas at the top. The plants in colors, green, white, and blue floated to the top. We don’t know exactly why, but we guess some oxygen snuck in. Next time we’ll try to prevent this by having more water to work with. If we do an experiment like this again, then we should test temperature. This was fun and interesting, hopefully we can do it again.
Investigation Theme POS
Grade Level High School Students (Grades 9,10,11,12)
School Name Jefferson City High School
Session Fall 2017