Acidic Conditions and Plant Germination

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Explore What my partner and I already know about growing plants is that ;first you find something like a bowl, a glass or a vase, something that can hold the plant. Second, you have to put soil and some type of Plant food that can help and provide the plant with nutrients. Third, you want to take the plant seed and place it into whatever you have that is going to hold the plant. Then, you want to take some water behind it, and be sure to place the water all over the soil, not just in the spot you planted your plant seed in and make sure you water the plant very good. Finally, you just sit back and enjoy your results! Make sure that you are always constantly watching and watering your plant. As for Germination, You would want to get the seed of the plant that you are trying to grow, a paper towel, and a cup of water. With this you will want to put the seed into the cup of water and put a piece of paper over it. After you do this you will want to place the cup safely in a shadowed corner. At the end of the day you will want to take the seeds out of the water and place them on a piece of paper and water them on a every now and then basis. After a while the seed should start to root. Once it roots you can place them into the grown and start the growing process.
Research Question Does acidic water impede plant growth?
Predictions We believe that plants watered with acidic water will grow slower than plants water with plan tap water.
Experimental Design We have three pots with around 20 alfalfa seeds in each pot. We will add 40 ml of water to one pot and 40 ml of diluted vinegar to the other two pots. Then we will count how man plants germinate daily.
Conclusion The conclusion we came to was that acidic water does indeed have an impact on the plant growth. From the data we collected it showed that 4/25 alfalfa seed grew. This showed the vinegar did stunt the growth of most of the seed. While the 4 that grew growth was delayed.
Investigation Theme Copy WOS
Grade Level High School Students (Grades 9,10,11,12)
School Name Griffin High School
Session Fall 2020