Does Size Matter?

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Explore Plants feed themselves by using photosynthesis. Photosynthesis is in plants so the plants can get Carbon Dioxide and water. Plants is a biotic factor because they grow, eat, move and reproduce. Plants are an Multicellular organism and is apart of eukaryotes kingdom. How to grow a plant successfully will be a tough thing to follow but we feel as a group we can grow two beautiful plants at the same rate but two different containers. We start by finding two different sizes containers. Pour soil and store our seed in the soil. We water two times a day and maintain a moist soil. Fertilize and provide a lot of sunlight
Research Question Does the number of the seeds in a container affect the germination time?
Predictions The container with five seeds will germinate before the the containers with 15 seeds.
Experimental Design We are using corn seeds and planting them 2 inches down with about 4 inches of soil. We decided to compare the number of seeds planted in a pot. 2 pots will have 15 seeds one pot (control) will have five.
Conclusion The container with 5 seeds did germinate faster, we believe this was because the container with 15 seeds had less room for the seeds to grow which slowed down the growth. Some future experiments we could do is planting 15 seeds in a larger container and seeing what happens.
Investigation Theme WOS
Grade Level High School Students (Grades 9,10,11,12)
School Name Griffin High School
Session Fall 2020
About this Project

Although the Fall 2020 session was atypical for all involved, this team did a great job at communicating effectively and thinking through their data to draw some conclusions. They even proposed future research directions based on their results!
-- Daniel Scott, Scientist Liaison