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Explore When we started this project, “Agronomy Feeds the World”, we knew that soil was important for plant growth and different depending on the area. It wasn't until we completed the feel, shake, and the at home element test, that we realized how different each area was and how that affected plants and other organic organisms. We learned about how climate, location, organisms, relief, parent material, and time, can change the soil and its horizons. From there we talked about how to improve soil and support plant life.
Research Question Can seeds germinate without light?
Predictions If radish seeds have the right amount of moisture and temperature they can still germinate. Through research we found that most seeds do not need light to germinate.
Experimental Design We started the experiment by getting 5 of the same type of radish seeds for each trail. We also used the same amount of water, temperature, and bags. We placed 5 seeds on a paper towel and used 5 sprays of water each. We had one set of seeds in a box, and the other set in the light. We also repeated the experiment 2 times so we could have 2 trails to get data from.
Conclusion In the conclusion we found that all of the seeds were able to sprout. The difference we found in the sprouts was that the trails without light tended to be a dull greenish-yellow, whereas the trails with light were a darker green color. We believe that the yellowing of leaves on the no light germination seeds is due to the lack of chlorophyll. We also believe that the no light trails were leggier because they were trying to reach the light.
Investigation Theme AFW
Grade Level High School Students (Grades 9,10,11,12)
Teacher Name Frances Lash
School Name Franklin County High School
Session Spring 2022
About this Project

Group followed scientific methods in formulating questions and was critical with their methodology. Created graph at the end of their experiment and drafted logical conclusions from findings. Communication was excellent!
--Lydia Tressel, Scientist Liaison