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Explore what i know about plants is as follows. i know it starts as a seed then the root comes out and go down into the ground. then the stem comes out of the ground and starts growing using the stored food within it. then it grows leafs full of chloroplasts to make food for itself when the food within runs out. Peas like 55 degrees F and 65 degrees F temp. Peas take around 60-70 days to grow. Peas take around 7-14 days to germinate Peas need at least 1 inch of water per week.
Research Question How does the color of light affect the germination of the pea?
Predictions We predict that the peas under the blue light will cause more germination than the other primary colors of light.
Experimental Design Get 12 peas Get 4 CLEAR petri dishes Get a measuring cup for water Get red, blue, green and white light bulbs. Get 4 boxes for each type of light Put 3 peas in each petri dish that goes under each different color of light. Get ready to observe.
Conclusion Claim: The color of light affects the germination of the pea because the pea seeds only germinated under whiter/lighter lights. -Siearah Evidence: If you look at our last data table the darker lights germinated the seeds more than the lighter lights. For example, the blue light germinated all 3 of the peas and the green germinated 2 seeds, which is weird because the blue light wasn’t that dark, it looked like a white light. Although, the red light was pretty dark and it only germinated 1. The green one wasn’t super dark either, so maybe the pea seeds are reflecting off of heat and whiter lights, because the blue light got pretty hot, and trapped all the heat in the box since we put the top on it and didn’t have any holes in the box. -Siearah Reasoning: Claim that green and blue light sources help peas grow better a possible explanation is that when we added water the lights were a lower tone allowing the plant to use the water slower than the others. data we collected seems to approve this because on day three all green light peas grew roots with two blue ones growing and one red one. but on day five the last blue peas grew roots while red and white light ones didn't grow anymore. future tests on this could have longer testing days and a more equal measured water supply. - By Jonathan
Investigation Theme WOS
Teacher Name Kristen Stiem
School Name DeWitt Middle School
Session Spring 2022


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