"Grandma's Gazebos"

Project by group dmsstiemspring2021

Explore When a seed is grown into a plant, it has to perform photosynthesis for food. The plant gets sunlight from the leaves and gathers water and carbon dioxide through the roots. They go into the chloroplast and the plant creates oxygen and glucose that helps the plant perform cellular respiration. Some oxygen is also let out for us. The oxygen and glucose is transported to the mitochondria and creates ATP energy. This system also creates water and carbon dioxide over time. Access carbon dioxide is used for photosynthesis as well as the water.
Research Question How does the temperature affect the speed of germination?
Predictions If the temperature is higher then it will germinate faster. This is because of heat providing energy for the plant and the more energy, the more growth. If the temperature is lower then the plant will germinate slower. This will happen because the energy from the heat provides energy for the plant and this plant will have a shortage of energy with lower temperature. This will cause the plant to germinate slower.
Experimental Design The plan is to put Steve's and Luke's seeds under the lamps, till one of the other members can turn of the lamps. Isaac and Parker's seeds will be stored in the fridge to keep cool.
Conclusion If the water is hotter then the seeds will germinate faster. The reason is that seeds like it when the water is warmer. The evidence is that Parker's seeds did not germinate, till the last day, and Luke's seeds were germinated on the second day. The reason is that the seeds like warm weather and will wait till the weather is right, another reason is that the seeds don't like their roots to freeze so they wait.
Investigation Theme WOS
Teacher Name Kristen Stiem
School Name DeWitt Middle School
Session Spring 2021