4 peas in a pod

Project by group dmsstiemspring2021

Explore We have read pages in class about germination and have done mock predictions. Information: A seed is a ripened ovule of a fertilized flower. All seeds contain a diploid embryo and a food supply. After dispersal, seeds remain inactive, or dormant, until environmental conditions are favorable for germination and growth. Water softens the seed coat, allowing moisture to seep into the seed more deeply. The root grows down responding to gravity, and the stem grows up toward the sunlight.
Research Question How does the different types of liquid affect the time of germination?
Predictions We all think that if we give the plant water, then those seeds will germinate the fastest, except Luke thinks that if the plant is given kombucha, then that plant will germinate the fastest.
Experimental Design We will place 10 pea seeds on eight different Petri dishes with five seeds in each. We will gather our four liquids, water, kombucha, Gatorade, and Coke. On the first day, we will give each paper towel 15 mL of each liquid. We will make sure that each paper towel will have the same amount of light and temperature. Each day, we will give the plant 5 mL of liquid. We will then look for germination.
Conclusion In conclusion, we found out that water was still the best to water pea seeds with. I think that the other drinks just had too much sugar in them so that affected the plant's growth in a negative way. Maybe if we use a different type of Gatorade like the G2 then it will have a different effect on the plant.
Investigation Theme WOS
Teacher Name Kristen Stiem
School Name DeWitt Middle School
Session Spring 2021