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Blue Chicken Wings?!?

Project by group dmsstiemspring2019

Explore Germination- to start growing. To start growing, it needs water, good temp, and good location. During it's early stages, a seed relies on it's nutrients from it's original plant to survive. A plant's genetic makeup influences when it reproduces, germinates, and grows. The process>>> Water softens the seed coat--> Water actives the enzymes in the embryo--> the root sprouts --> roots grow downward responding to gravity --> the stem and cotyledons sprout--> Stem elongates and the roots deepen--> full grown plant. Dormancy- a plant adaptation that blocks germination that makes the plant wait until the climate is right to germinate.
Research Question How does the species of plant affect the rate of germination?
Predictions Kailey, Sydney, Collin- If we plant Alfalfa, Nasturtium, and Rye grass seeds then, the Alfalfa will germinate the fastest. Wee think this because the alfalfa is a green plant like grass and grass grown fast in many conditions. Nick- If we plant Alfalfa, Radish, and Rye grass seeds then, the rye grass will germinate the fastest.
Experimental Design 1. Fold a paper towel in half. 2. Make the paper towel damp and lay flat in your plastic bag 3. Repeat for all 6 bags 4. Place 10 seeds into each bag laying flat on the paper towel (2 bags for each type of seed) 5. Repeat for all of the seeds 6. continue adding water as needed when the paper towel is drying out 7. Record how many seeds germinate every day for every type of seed
Conclusion Claim- Alfalfa and rye grass germinate at a faster rate than nasturtium. Evidence-By day 7, there were 19 alfalfa and rye grass germinated, but there were only 5 nasturtium. Even by day 3, there were over 5 times more seeds germinated in the alfalfa and rye grass bags than the nasturtium. Reasoning-The reason the nasturtium took 7 days for 5 out of 20 to grow is because in normal circumstances they take any where from 10-12 days to germinate. But rye grass and alfalfa take anywhere from 5-9 days to germinate. Alfalfa and rye grass are also grasses, which take less time in general to germinate than flowers. In fact, rye grass grows faster than any other grass.
Investigation Theme WOS
Session Spring 2019
School DeWitt Middle School
Student Level(s) Middle School Students (grades 6,7,8)