Saltty Prettzels

Project by group dmsstiemspring2019

Explore Germination means to start growing. Seeds don't germinate until they have water, temperature and a good location.
Research Question How does the amount of water affect how many days it takes to germinate.
Predictions If we give more water to the seed then it will germinate faster
Experimental Design 1. get three petri dishes with paper towel in them 2. put 10 seeds in each petri dish 3. water the first petri dish with 3 mml of water 4. water the second petri dish with 6 mml of water 5. water the third petri dish with 9 mml of water. 6. repeat the same thing every other day until all the seeds have germinated
Investigation Theme WOS
Grade Level Middle School Students (grades 6,7,8)
School Name DeWitt Middle School
Session Spring 2019