Project by group dmsstiemspring2019

Explore we know: seeds germinate, they need light and water to germinate and grow, germination means to start growing, and end of germination is when you first see the plant come out
Research Question The question is... How does the amount of water effect the percentage of germination? We came up with it by thinking of all the different components of the process. The question fits the topic because we know that seeds need water to germinate.
Predictions If there is more water then the plant seed will germinate at a faster rate. We think this because plants need water to survive and if they have more water then its easier for the seed to go through the process.
Experimental Design Our plan is.... Step 1: put seeds in 5 different petri dishes step 2: water each petri dish at around 1 p.m. daily step 3: water 1st petri dish with 1 drop step 4: water 2nd petri dish with 3 drops step 5: water 3rd petri dish with 6 drops step 6: water 4th petri dish with 10 drops step 7: water 5th petri dish with 20 drops step 8: observe the changes in the seeds each day
Conclusion The more water a seed receives the faster it germinates. When there was only 1 drop of water in the seeds, 0/8 or 0% of the seeds germinated during all 7 days. Then, when we did 20 drops of water, 6/8 or 75% of the seeds germinated by the 4th day.
Investigation Theme WOS
Grade Level Middle School Students (grades 6,7,8)
School Name DeWitt Middle School
Session Spring 2019