Couch Potatoes

Project by group dmsstiemfall2019

Explore Plants need water, sunlight, soil, and carbon dioxide. They germinate, grow, and are alive. They have roots, stems, and leafs.
Research Question How does changing the amount water we give to the corn plants affect how much it grows?
Predictions If, we give the corn plants more water, then, it will grow more. Just like when a person takes in more calcium, it’s bones grow stronger.
Experimental Design (1.) Get 40 corn seeds and put 10 corn seeds in each of the 4 containers (2.) Give one container 5ml of water (3.) Give another 10ml of water (4.) Another 15ml of water (5.) The last one 20ml of water (6.) Record the how much it grows each day * Be sure to label which container is which
Conclusion The 20ml bag grew the most! We know this because it had the greatest growth average and had the only seeds to stop germinating ! We expected the bag with the most water to grow the most and the bag with the least amount of water to grow the least. Even though too much too much water is bad, we don’t think that would happen because there would be enough oxygen in the bag and besides, all of the water would seep into the paper towel, not trap around it. Ours did not end up like this because the measurements could be wrong. I do not think that this was a fair test because we too many sources pf error.