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Project by group dmsstiemfall2019

Explore Plants take in sunlight for food, they also need water to live, the roots are there main base of the plant.
Research Question Does the type of water( tap water, salt water, and sugar water) affect how fast a buckwheat seed germinates?
Predictions If we use tap water, salt water, and sugar water to plant a buckwheat seed,Then, the purified water would grow the biggest and most healthy. The reason for this is that the water is really fresh and would be the most beneficial to the plant.
Experimental Design Procedure: Put 10 buckwheat seeds in each of the 3 petri dishes. Mix salt into tap water for salt water, Mix sugar into tap water for sugar water, and keep some tap water normal. Soak 1 paper towel in sugar water, 1 in salt water, and 1 in tap water and put the paper towel at the bottom of each petri. Repeat step 3 every school day. Record the seed growth every school day.
Conclusion In our experiment, we tested sugar, salt, and tap water on buckwheat seeds. The sugar water grew the most, then the tap water, and the salt water didn't even grow at all. One of the salt water seeds molded because we didn't boil our salt water. We probably should have boiled our salt water. What surprised us is that we thought that the tap water would have grown more than the sugar water. If we were to write a new Prediction than we would probably add the word boiling right before the words salt and sugar water.