Cool Cucumbers

Project by group dmsstiemfall2019

Explore The liquids we will use are orange juice ,water, and milk.
Research Question How does the type of liquid effect how fast a round radish germinates.
Predictions If I put a seed in a petri dish with a piece of cardboard and add water than it will germinate the fastest.
Experimental Design Procedure: Step 1: Get materials. Step 2: put wet paper towels ( one with each type of liquid ) in petri dishes. Step 3: On the first day, add 5 milliliters of liquid ( one with water, one with water and orange juice , and one with orange juice) to each individual dish. Step 4: Every day after add 1 milliliter of liquid to each seed Step 5: Add ten seeds to each of the three petri dishes. Step 6: let seeds sit overnight. Step 7: observe and record seed growth by measuring the length of each root and stem. Repeat every day.
Conclusion Claim: Round radish seeds grow best when watered with regular water, most other liquids make them mold. Evidence: The seeds that were in water grew the best, the longest root out of all the seeds reached 20mm. For the orange juice mixed with water, the longest root was 10mm. The seeds that were watered with plain orange juice did not begin germinating. There was a 10mm difference between water and the mix, and a 20mm difference between the water and orange juice. Reasoning: This data is somewhat what we expected, we knew that the seeds with water would do best, but we didn’t know that the seed with orange juice wouldn’t grow at all. I think that this was a fair test, because there were no errors when conducting the investigation. A few reasons why the seeds that were watered in orange juice did not germinate are, because the sugar in the juice makes it difficult for the seed to absorb the water. Also, the juice causes microbes to grow in the surrounding area, these microbes compete with the seeds for oxygen and minerals. The acid in the orange juice also is not good for the seed. The water is good for seeds, because the seed needs water to be able to absorb other nutrients. Water softens the seed shells and allows sunlight and carbon dioxide to get in. If we were to do this again we might use something other than orange juice for our liquid, or make sure to clean the dish often so that no mold is able to grow,