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Explore Plants need liquid to grow, they also need the correct temperature to start germination. Peas are vegetables that have seeds in their pods
Research Question What liquid out of water, Watermellon Bubbly, apple juice, and milk makes the peas germinate the fastest?
Predictions If we use water instead of a different liquid, then the plant will germinate the fastest
Experimental Design Variables: Independent Variable = The liquid we use to “water” the plant Dependent Variable = The time it takes the stem to grow 2 centimeters Variables to Control = Temperature, Amount of liquid, Amount of room to grow, Materials: 20 pea seeds Watermelon Bubbly Milk Water Apple juice Petri dish Ruler Paper towel Measuring cup Procedure: Gather Materials Lay down a paper towel in each petri dish Place five pea seeds down on all 4 petri dish evenly spread out Place a ¼ teaspoon of the liquid in that assigned to that petri dish on each seed Put the lid back on all of the petri dishes Each day record the amount that the plant stem has grown in centimeters
Conclusion Claim: Plain water and carbonated water makes pea seeds grow the fastest Evidence: I know this because in the week that the seeds were growing, all 5 of the water seeds grew and 0 of the salt or baking soda water seeds even germinated. Also the bubbly (which is mainly water) had 5 grow. Reasoning: Our investigation was mostly what we had expected.The thing that we did not expect was that the bubbly plants grew just as much if not more than the plain water plants. the thing we did expect to happen was the salt and baking soda seeds not growing that well. The reason that the salt seeds didn't grow was because salt takes water from plant cells and poison the plant. The same is said for baking soda, because in small amounts baking soda can help plants fend off diseases, but in higher amounts can harm the plants because baking soda is part salt. The reason the carbonated water seeds grew really well was because to make the carbonation in the water they had to put Co2 in the water, and plants need Co2. If I was doing this investigation again I would change the amount of salt and baking soda we put in the water. I think that the amount of salt and baking soda we put in the water was way too much. I am Somewhat Confident in our findings. Three things we could have done to minimize error would be 1. Label the petri dishes more clearly 2. use more seeds to be more confident 3. Halfway though we took out moldy seeds, so make sure the seeds don't get moldy.