Shreks Onions

Project by group dmsstiemfall2019

Explore 1.It is essential for plants to have,water,sunlight 2.plants can not grow in cold weather 3.plants absorb sunlight
Research Question How does the amount of salt in the water affect how fast it germinates?
Predictions If you water the alfalfa with regular water, then it will grow faster than salt water.
Experimental Design 1.Once you have your materials you first put the seeds depending on their size either small 10 in each or big 5 in each.Put the plastic container under special lights start with 2ml every other day.As Well as salt watering
Conclusion claim:most of the seeds germinate with normal water than they do with salt water.Evidence:In the salt water dish we put too much salt in the water and it hurt the plants seeds.Reasoning:This happened because of Osmosis and how this happened was when we put the salt in the water we didn’t know how much to put in the water and as the days went on we didn’t know how much we put in the water the previous day this is how our plants didn’t grow.