Project by group dmsstiemfall2019

Explore They start as a seed and have to fertilize to grow. They need water, sun, good soil, and a good spot to grow.
Research Question How does the type of seed affect how fast it germinates?
Predictions We think that the plants, pea and radish will germinate the fastest because they are edible.
Experimental Design Procedure: 1.Put paper towel into 4 bags and place 5 pea and radish seeds in each. more paper towel into 6 pea-tree dishes with 3 pearl millet and alfalfa seeds in each. 3.water all seeds ½ tablespoon of room temperature water. 4.record what seeds are changing and what seeds are not.
Conclusion claim:In conclusion, we found that the radish seed grew the longest and was the fastest to germinate. Evidence: we found out that when we watered each seed with the same amount of water ½ tablespoon. The seed that germinates fastest and the longest distance was the radish seed. in the end it grew 8 ½ centimeters in 5 days.The seed that germinated slowest was the pea and pearl millet that grew only 5cm in 5 days. Reasoning: In conclusion our group discovered that in the span of about 5 or 6 days the seed the germinated fastest was the radish seed in the end all of the seeds grew at least 1/2cm each day.During the experiment we accidently watered some of the seeds causing red and pink blobs on the paper towel.The day after we watered them the bag was way too wet to water it again so we could not water the seeds every the future i would pick a different amount of water to water the seeds and make sure each seed got the same amount of water.It is hard for me to tell whether or not it was a fair test or not.