Crazy Moon Plantsss

Project by group dmsstiemfall2019

Explore salt in water can take salt out of the plant and dehydrate it. plants will not accept sugar in the water and the plant will die off.
Research Question Will changing the type of water used ( saltwater, Sugar water, Normal water ) affect the germination?
Predictions If the seed is put in salt water, then it will make the seed weak by taking water out of it. If the seed is put in sugar water, it will make the seed not grow because the seed won’t accept it. If the seed is put in the normal water, then it will germinate fastest.
Experimental Design 1.get materials 2.create salt water and sugar water by mixing 3 tps water with ½ teaspoon of sugar or salt 3.wet each paper towel with two tablespoons of each water,(one paper towel salt, one sugar, one normal) 4.put one seed in each paper towel 5.every other day, water the seed with two tablespoons their type of water, and observe and record what the seed looks like and how fast it is germinating 6.repeat step 5 until trials are over
Conclusion claim: The seeds that were watered with normal water germinate the fastest and the seeds that were watered with sugar water and salt water did not germinate the fastest evidence: On day 3, all 10 of the normal water seeds were germinated. On the last day (day 5), the sugar were at 8 germinated seeds, and the salt ones hadn’t germinated at all. reasoning: This all happened because small amounts of sugar in water can benefit the plant, however large amounts does not. We put large amounts of sugar in the water. The sugar seeds started to mold because there was too much water so the growth stopped. Salt can’t easily go through the cell membrane like water can, so the salt water did not really get to the plant. We don’t think it was a fair test because the measuring for watering the plants was off. I think we could’ve put less sugar/salt in the water. We also could used less water to prevent molding.