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Explore From outside of school we know that plants have different needs to grow, they have pollen to reproduce, plants support all life, and seeds can not grow for a long time. From school, we know that plants need light, CO2, and water to make glucose and O2. O2 and glucose make ATP water and CO2. From additional research, we learned that seeds can look different, roots grow before leaves, and water is needed to be present before germination happens.
Research Question How does the amount of space a seed has to affect the rate of germination?
Predictions The more space a seed has the better it will grow. We think this because the more seeds there are the fewer resources in the dish they will get.
Experimental Design Take 6 Petri dishes and put 3 in two of them, 5 in two more, and 12 in the remaining two. We will label each of the dishes, to make sure we keep them apart. Every two days we will put one tablespoon of water in each dish, being careful not to move the seeds.
Conclusion Claim From what our group has found, if there are more seeds in one given area, all of the seeds are likely to grow less. Evidence The seeds that were in the 12 seed bags grew less than the other seed bags, and they even shrunk at the end. On day 4, one of the bags of 12 seeds, the average was 1.2, while the average for a 3 seed bag was 3. Reasoning This is because the seeds compete for the limited water given to them, and therefore, some seeds grow more than others, while others just die because they don’t have enough water. Plants need water and sun to make glucose and oxygen, then they use the glucose and oxygen to make energy to grow. The roots can also get tangled up causing them to grow less. The data from our experiment showed that the bags with more seeds generally grow less. It was what I expected, because we put in limited water, and there were too many seeds for them all to keep up. Some of them shrunk at the end of the experiment. I think this is them dying because they ran out of water. I believe that it was a fair test because we put in the same amount of water and spread them evenly.
Investigation Theme WOS
Teacher Name Evelyn Gray
School Name DeWitt Middle School
Session Spring 2022
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Actively communicating with their mentor, good photos recorded in an experimental setting.
--Yanni Chen, Scientist Liaison