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Explore We know that plants start as seeds, and when exposed to the right conditions, they start growing in a process called Germination. This uses cellular respiration until they grow leaves. Once they grow leaves, they use photosynthesis during the day and cellular respiration during the night. Depending on the plant, they may also grow flowers.
Research Question What type of water will affect the plants growth?
Predictions Sugar water, and tap will affect the plants growth.
Experimental Design Soak 5 paper towels in different waters (Sugar, salt, sparkling, flavored, tap) and slightly wringing them out Put the paper towel in the 5 containers Set 8 seeds into each container Once set, keep container closed Observe each container, until growth Record the growth Repeat the last two steps
Conclusion Clam: The plant with the club soda grew better than the rest of the water types, but the sugar came in second place for growing best. Evidence: The club soda grew about 18cm, coming in second the sugar waters length was 16.5, Then with tap water coming in third place it was 15.5, then with fourth was fertilizer with 13.5, then sadly in fifth place was saltwater 0cm. Reasoning: The reason why club soda made the plant grow better was that there are nutrients in club soda which then make the plant absorb it and make it tall and healthy. sugar is also helpful because the plant absorbs it and then stores it which then brings it down so the water is more sugary and rich water. why saltwater is bad for the plant is because it absorbs the water out of the plant and then also there is a chemical that kills the plant faster. Even though that fertilizer has been a successful resource we used too much of it. the fertilizer has a lot of stuff in it that makes the plant grow faster, grow taller, and make it produce more food. now tap water is water with special products but does not make it the best. the tap water works sum what similar to fertilizer but with not much mineral in it. it does make the plant grow better, taller and etc. We think is Procedure was good besides one thing we believe that there is a certain amount to using fertilizer so that makes us believe that we used too much fertilizer. These results are not what was expecting. I believe that the sugar water was going to be the best to grow plants with but when researching what was in the club soda I knew right away that club soda was the best.
Investigation Theme WOS
Teacher Name Evelyn Gray
School Name DeWitt Middle School
Session Spring 2022
About this Project

Actively communicating with their mentor, good photos recorded in an experimental setting, and a nice chart for display results.
-- Yanni Chen, Scientist Liaison

The Thunder Squad was fantastic about communicating! They exemplified polite and consistent communication and responses with their mentor. Additionally, the work was shared equally among the members.
-- Evelyn Gray, Teacher