Plant Power

Project by group dmsgrayspring2022

Explore Seeds in a packet are in a stage of dormant and they only start to grow when they get water.
Research Question How does the amount of water you give a plant affect the growth of a plant?
Predictions If I increase the amount of water then the seeds will germinate faster.
Experimental Design Independent Variable= amount of water Dependent Variable= the growth of the plant Variables to Control= amount of light 1. Collect 30 pea seeds 2. Get 6 containers and fill each container with 5 seeds 3. Fill 2 of the containers with 20ml of water 4. Fill 2 of the containers with 30ml of water 5. Fill 2 of the containers with 40ml of water 6. record growth daily *Keep all containers in same amount of light and room temp **All seeds will be shaved down to help grow faster
Conclusion The amount of water increases the plant's length/height. I know this because looking at my graph it's very clear on day 3 the plants in the dish with high water had a growth spurt (haha pun intended) and passed the rest of the plants by a landslide. Pea seeds need a lot of water to expand and grow,I know cause Mrs. Grey told me, they were very small when we first put them in and the next day they were a significant size bigger. the low water plants ran out of water quite quickly but the high still had water at the end. My own knowledge of plants helped as well, I already knew that seeds need a lot of water to grow, but when they ran out of water it might not have been fair.
Investigation Theme WOS
Teacher Name Evelyn Gray
School Name DeWitt Middle School
Session Spring 2022