bubble guppies

Project by group dmsgrayspring2022

Explore I know that plants need water and sunlight to survive. I also know that they perform photosynthesis and cellular respiration. Some questions I have are what is inside the seed? Do ALL plants start in a seed form? How are the roots formed in the soil.
Research Question How does the amount of water effect the rate of germination?
Predictions If there is a larger amount of water, then the seed will germinate faster.
Experimental Design 1. place one square of paper towel in each of the 5 petri dishes 2 Place five seeds in each petri dish. 3.we will water the seeds twice a week. 4. The first petri dish will have 5 ml of water 5. the second will have 10 ml 6. the third will have 15 ml 7. the fourth will have 20 ml 8. the fifth will have 25 ml 9. If the paper towel starts to get moldy we will change it out. 10. repeat steps one through nine one more time. 11 keep the light, the plant type, ect. the same.
Conclusion The seeds that were watered the most germinated the fastest and became the longest. We know this happened because when their is more water the shell is softened and then the seeds can break through and germinate. the 5 ml of water seeds did not germinate at all the the 25 ml of water seeds got up to 110 mm.
Investigation Theme WOS
Teacher Name Evelyn Gray
School Name DeWitt Middle School
Session Spring 2022