Big Brainers

Project by group dmsgrayspring2021

Explore 1. We know that plants need good soil to grow and they need water, energy to feed on and grow. They also need carbon dioxide all of this is to perform photosynthesis to convert to oxygen and sugar. 2. We know that water is required for seed germination. Seeds require water to grow, so that is how they germinate, even though they are in a seed. That is how they shed their shell.
Research Question How are plants affected in how they germinate with different amounts of water.
Predictions If more seeds get more water than others, then the ones without water will not germinate.
Experimental Design We will use 10 corn seeds, split them into 2s, and put 2 of the seeds in all bags, all seeds covered in paper towel. Then put 20 ml of water into one bag, 15 ml in another bag, 10 ml in another, 5 ml in another, and 0 in the last bag. Repeat the last step every day until all seeds have germinated, or refuse to germinate.
Conclusion If you add water to a seed, then it will grow into a sprout. Explanation is in the bottom. With our data, we can prove that only seeds with water can germinate. We could in the future, do petri dishes instead, causing less evaporation in the bag, so that way water doesn't get everywhere.
Investigation Theme WOS
Teacher Name Evelyn Gray
School Name DeWitt Middle School
Session Spring 2021