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Project by group dmsgrayspring2021

Explore we know that plants need water, oxygen, CO2, and sunlight to live. We know that they grow in the ground but also need nutrinets and photosynthesis. We know that they are living things and need much much time to grow. Plants need soil and are made of living cells.
Research Question “How does the amount of water affect a plants growth” & “If one plant is in the sun and ones in the dark, how will it affect its growth?”
Predictions If we add more drops of water then the other I think that it will grow slower and maybe die because if you add too much water then the plant itself could die, but on the other hand if you add too little water then the plant will dehydrate and die. So I think that the one with the normal ammount of drops will work the best.
Experimental Design Our plan is to use 10 pipets, 6 pipets, and 3 pipets to measure the ammount of water we're using. We each have 3 plastic bags with 3 seeds in them. We're usinh pea seeds. We are planning on watering our seeds 2 times a week, specifically, Monday and Thursday. & maybe we will end watering them if needed. As of right now, nothing has sprouted since we did just plant/start our whole investigation.
Conclusion Our question is “How does the amount of water affect our seeds growth?” and based off of our results the amount of water does affect the amount of growth, this is because in the data table you can see how the least amount of water had the most growth. On the data table you can compare the amount of measurement. On day number 4 (when the seeds started to sprout) they weren’t a very high length and they averaged 0 cm for 3 pipettes, 0.7 cm for 6 pipettes and finally, 0.7 cm for 10 pipettes. On day 6 (the last day of testing) the average for 3 pipettes was 16.09 cm, 1.51 cm for 6 pipettes, and 2.87 cm for 10 pipettes. As shown it’s obvious that day #6 has the best growth. We would water our plants every Monday and Thursday and maybe if needed. We found that this was to work so I thought this was a fair test because of the results my group members and I had gotten
Investigation Theme WOS
Teacher Name Evelyn Gray
School Name DeWitt Middle School
Session Spring 2021