Project by group dmsgrayspring2021

Explore something we know about plants is photosynthesis. plants go through photosynthesis to grow and produce oxygen and glucose. Another thing we know about plants is cellular respiration. One more thing we know is what a plant needs to live and grow
Research Question Does the amount of water we give a plant affect how fast the plant will germinate?
Predictions If you have a very moist paper towel then the seed will germinate faster. This is because a moist paper towel will have the right conditions for the seed to germinate.
Experimental Design Get three petri dishes, Step two: Get three pieces of paper towel, Step three: Wet the first paper towel with very little of the bottled water, Step 4: Wet the second paper towel with a medium amount of water, Step 5: Add lots of water to the last paper towel, Step six: Then put one piece of paper towel in each petri dish, Step seven: Add two alfalfa seeds to each petri dish, Step eight: Take a picture of each seed during the week, Step nine: Add water to each paper towel daily, Step ten: Repeat steps eight and nine every day.
Conclusion C: 10-20 drops of water is a very good amount of water for Alfalfa seeds. E: I found in my data that on day 2 the seeds with 10 or more drops of water germinated and the others did not. I also found that all the petri dishes have a bad seed. In the 20 drop it was ⅞ seed germinated, and for the 16 drops it was the same thing ⅞ germinated. Also for the 12 and 8 had some bad seeds. R: This data shows that plants need water and some fact that plants need water are . Adults seeds need 20 gallons of water in 1 day and the way You know that seeds are germinating is if they absorb a lot if water.
Investigation Theme WOS
Teacher Name Evelyn Gray
School Name DeWitt Middle School
Session Spring 2021