Mask Wearing Plant Geeks

Project by group dmsgrayspring2021

Explore We knew that plants needed water, sunlight, and space to grow! plants take in co2 plants do photosynthesis and cellular respiration.
Research Question How does the sugar in lemonade, lemon juice and sugared water instead of plain water affect how fast the pea seeds sprout and how long they grow?
Predictions If there is too much sugar in each of the liquids, then it will not grow as quickly, because plants grow on water, not sugar. Sugar is an unnatural input to help seeds sprout and grow, so it could make it die.
Experimental Design Independent Variable = type of liquid Dependent Variable = how fast it grows Variables to Control = type of seed, dampness of paper towel, type of liquid Materials: paper towel, petri dish, sugar snap peas(4 or two in each),lemon, toothpick, lemonade, water (20 drops for each), pipet Procedure: open all three of the petri dishes put a paper towel in so that it is a perfect fit (make two layers) put 20 drops of lemonade into one petri dish put 20 drops of lemon juice into a different petri dish put 20 drops of water into the other petri dish put 20 drop of sugared water in the last petri dish put five pea seeds into each petri dish (make sure they are evenly spaced put the lid back on all of the petri dishes Everyday, check seeds and repeat steps 3,4,5,6 and 8.
Conclusion Claim: My results are mostly inconclusive, but the bottled water grew on the last day.  Evidence:  On every day except for on the last day the seeds didn’t grow at all, but on the last day the bottled water grew 1.3 inches. This was a lot because the lemonade, lemon juice, and the sugar water didn’t sprout at all. Also over the weekend all the petri dishes and seeds grew mold. Reasoning: This outcome was explained when I did a little research. I found out that it was the sugar that affected the growth of the seeds. When the liquid a seed is trying to use to grow has too much sugar then the sugar will suck up the liquid and make they seed die from “dehydration”. This result is pretty much what I had expected. I had expected for the bottled water to do the best because it had no sugar, but i didn’t think the other ones wouldn’t grow at all. I also never expected for them to get moldy at the last minute. It wasn’t really a fair test because we didn’t always add the same amount of liquid and we didn’t really measure the sugar so it wasn’t super fair.
Investigation Theme WOS
Teacher Name Evelyn Gray
School Name DeWitt Middle School
Session Spring 2021