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Project by group dmsgrayspring2019

Explore In the photosynthesis process the reactants are carbon dioxide and water. The products are oxygen and glucose. In cellular respiration the reactants are glucose and oxygen and the products are glucose and carbon dioxide. If the seeds are fresh then seeds can grow as little as 1 day.
Research Question Does the type of seed affect how fast the seed germinates?
Predictions If the type of seed is "corn" then it will grow quicker.
Experimental Design We will be using the bottle's edge method. We will be using 7 different types of seeds per person. We will also be using water, soil,bottom of a plastic drink container, paper towel, and the light from the room. We will be changing the type of seed and we will be keeping the time that is given the same.
Investigation Theme WOS
Grade Level Middle School Students (grades 6,7,8)
Session Spring 2019
About this Project

This team did a great job of planning their project and communicating with their mentor. When they were planning their project, they realized that their original research question could not be done properly and so they pivoted to a new research question. They also communicated their results very passionately to their mentor. Overall, this team did a great job of staying involved! This team really embraced the scientific process and all the problems that came their way. Their initial research plan was very unique, however they realized that it would be difficult to do. The team then did a great job of being flexible when this happened, and they developed a new project that they passionately worked on. This team demonstrated qualities of great scientists that we all can learn from: both passion and adaptability.
-- Eleanore Ritter, Scientist Liaison