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Project by group dmsgrayspring2019

Explore They go through photosynthesis which means they need sunlight, water and CO2. All seeds contain a diploid embryo and a food supply.Different kind of seeds respond in different ways to a given environmental factor, and they can remain in dormant state for different periods of time.
Research Question Which type of soil is best for a plant to germinate fastest?
Predictions If the richer soil is added to the soybeans, Then it will make the soy bean germinate the fastest.
Experimental Design 1. Get the Supplies we need. (15 soy beans, water bottles, water, light source, Rich soil, Natural soil, and Sandy soil.) 2.Put the seeds on the bottom edge of the water bottles (5 seeds per water bottle) 3.Put the first soil and seeds in one of the water bottles 4.Repeat two more times with different soils (Natural, Rich, and Sand, with the 5 seeds in each one.) 5. Observe the Seeds each day 6.Record when you see the seeds Germinate
Conclusion Rich soil is the best soil for a plant to germinate the fastest. I know this because the Rich soil had 5 out of 5 seeds germinate at the end. The Natural soil had 4. The Sand soil had 3 seeds germinate. Also the Rich soil was the also the greenest plant. The Natural soil was a lighter green. The Sand soil was a yellow color. This happened because of how rich, dense, or rocky the soil was. I believe the Rich soil was the best because it had already had the nutrients that the plant needed to grow. The natural soil didn't have all the nutrients the plant needed, it had to grow all by itself. The sand soil was dense and rocky, which gave stress to the plant, and caused it to turn yellow, and couldn't grow.
Investigation Theme WOS
Session Spring 2019
Student Level(s) Middle School Students (grades 6,7,8)