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Project by group dmsgrayfall2019

Explore We know that plants go through photosynthesis, plants need sunlight, food, and water, they are grown with all different types of seed, they have to germinate. Seedlings can become plants, flowers, and so much more. The seeds and the plants can come in all shapes in sizes. We were wondering what types of materials kill plants?
Research Question How does the temperature of the water affect the growth of the buckwheat plant? We already know that the plants need a medium temperature of water to grow and become a plant. We also know that if we make our water too hot it might burn the seed and then it won't be able to sprout.
Predictions If the water temperature is warmer then, the height of the buckwheat plant will be taller. This is because plants that are watered with warmer water germinate faster than plants watered with colder water. Also buckwheat is a plant that is grown during the spring so it is typically watered with a warmer temperature of water.
Experimental Design We are going to have 5 petri dishes with 5 buckwheat seeds in them. We will put 1 ml of ice cold water in one dish, 1 ml of cold water in 1 dish, 1 ml of room temperature water in 1 dish, 1 ml of hot water in 1 dish, and 1 ml of really hot water in the last petri dish. We are going to put the 2 dishes with ice cold and cold water inside a styrofoam bin on top of freezer packs with a lid. There will also be the 2 dishes with really hot water and hot water in another bin, but on top of heat packs. The room temperature petri dish was put in a separate closed box all alone. We are going to measure the height of the buckwheat plant each day, for 6 days.
Conclusion The warmer the water temperature, the taller the plant will grow. We found this out because the seeds that were watered with very hot, hot, and room temperature water grew the tallest. This happened because buckwheat is grown durring the late spring to early summer so the seeds need warmer water to germinate. The seeds that were watered with cold, very cold, and room temperature did not grow as well because the seeds don´t ¨like¨ that temperature of water. They will only start growing with the correct temperature of water. That is why the seeds watered with hot, very hot, and room temperature water grew the tallest.