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Explore All seeds contain their own food supply and a diploid embryo. Any seeds, even in a package, are alive. A seed is a ripened ovule of a fertilized flower. The number of cotyledons differs based the plant species. It doesn’t matter how old a seed is, it can still germinate if the conditions are right.
Research Question Does the amount of water affect how fast the plant grows?
Predictions Our prediction is that if you add more water, then the plant will grow faster because it will consume more nutrients.
Experimental Design Step 1. First we are going to put a paper towel in each of the petri dishes(4) step 2. Second we will put 4 seeds in each of the petri dishes Step 3. Then in one petri dish we won’t add any water, petri dish #2 will have a little bit of water, petri dish #3 will have a medium amount of water, and then in petri dish #4, it will have a lot of water Step 4. We will leave them at school overnight Step 5. The next day we will observe if they sprouted or grew at all and collect the data Step 6. We will repeat steps 4 and 5 the next few days
Conclusion if the amount of water is increased, then the seeds will germinate faster. We knew this was the answer because in our observations, the petri dishes that had the most amount of water were growing at a fast rate. Our four petri dishes each had a different amount of water in them. Petri dish 4 which had 30 drops in it a day had grown to be 12 cm average on root length on the last day. While on the first day, petri dish 4 had not even germinated. Petri dish 3 grew to be an average of 4.1 cm, that is a difference of 7.9 cm of growth. We think this happened because a seed needs light, oxygen, water, and warmth to grow. And seeds need enough water to swell up and break their shell but not too much for the seeds to be over watered and get displaced. We think that we put in the right amount of water in petri dish 4 for the seeds to swell and germinate quickly.
Investigation Theme WOS
Grade Level Middle School Students (grades 6,7,8)
School Name DeWitt Middle School
Session Fall 2019