Project by group dmsgrayfall2019

Explore how will the outside and inside climate change the speed of the plant growth
Research Question 1. when we put a plant in one plant in a 60 degrees room and 70 degrees room will it have a affect on how fast they grow? 2. if we put a plant inside and one outside then will they grow faster then one other. dose the type of fertilizer affect how they growth of the 2 plants.
Predictions we think the plant inside will grow faster because we give it the needs it needs to grow
Experimental Design we will put the plants that need to go outside and then the ones that need the heat lamp put in the spot and let the grow. when they start growing we will record on the graph.
Conclusion based on our experiment that lasted six days we can conclude that plants grow better inside than outside due to weather conditions. Maybe if it was warmer and more sunny out the plants outside would have done better.