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Project by group dmsgrayfall2019

Explore I know that different seeds grow in different ways. All plants need water and some source of light. Germination means growing, We also learned about Photosynthesis and the different types of plants like vegetables or flowers.
Research Question How fast will a corn seed grow compared to buckwheat?
Predictions We think that the buckwheat will grow faster because corn has to be grown in a very specific season.
Experimental Design 1.get petri dish 2.get paper towel wet 3.pick out seeds 4.put seeds on petri dish and put lid on top the seeds germinate! 6. record results paper towel wet
Conclusion Over all, our data came out to be inconclusive. After the six days of investigating, we found that the buckwheat had germinated more than the corn. The reason our data is inconclusive is because the data shows all of the corn seeds germinated but only 7 of the buckwheat seeds germinated. The other three buckwheat seeds did nothing. We think these seeds did not germinate because they may have been over watered or under watered the seeds.
Investigation Theme WOS
Grade Level Middle School Students (grades 6,7,8)
School Name DeWitt Middle School
Session Fall 2019