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Explore We know that plants usually need a lot of sunlight, also they need water to grow. We have discovered in class that plants that plants take a decent amount of time to fully sprout. Some questions that interest us are Does the amount of water affect how fast the plant grows? If we put the seeds in the dark instead of the light, then will they still grow?
Research Question Our question is does the amount of light affect how fast a plant grows? We decided to do this question because we were interested in it.
Predictions If the Corn seed has more light then it will grow more efficient, and look better. This is because, usually seeds need a lot of light to grow so if a seed doesn't have light then it won't grow. If the Corn seed has no light then it wont grow very much. This is because, seeds need light to grow, and if they don"t have light then they wont grow the best.
Experimental Design 1. Get 6 Corn seeds 2. Get paper towel 3. Put seeds and paper towel in the petri dish 4. Put 3 seeds in light 5. Put 3 seeds out of light 6. Watch the seeds grow The Corn Sunlight same seed
Conclusion In conclusion the less amount of light the corn seeds get the more they will grow.Our evidence is our graph.On the graph we saw that the corn seeds with one to two hours of light grew much more than the corn seeds with three hours of light each day.We think our results turned out the way they did because in a normal environment seeds do not get any light at all in such an early stage of germination. Some seeds do not get/needs any light at all in an early stage of life.A reason the 3 hour seeds might not have grow as much is because during the weekend we had some miscommunication. The 3 hour seeds did not get as much water or light as 1 and 2 hour seeds during the weekend.
Investigation Theme WOS
Grade Level Middle School Students (grades 6,7,8)
School Name DeWitt Middle School
Session Fall 2019