Project by group dmsgrayfall2019

Explore So far we know that all plants have roots, all plants need sun to grow, all plants come from an already living thing, and all plants are considered living things. Some questions we have are why do plants need sun, why can some seed grow faster than others, and why can't seeds grow as well without soil?
Research Question If we gave the seeds paper towel that they're resting on different amounts of water how would it effect the seeds growth?
Predictions If we put different amounts of water on paper towel with pea seeds on it , then the one with the most water will grow the fastest.
Experimental Design Our investigation plan: independent variable is the amount of water given the paper towel. The dependent variable is the growth of the seed. And the variables we are controlling are the type of seed, the kind of paper towel, the time we water it and record data. Procedure: 1) put dry paper towel in petridish #1 2) place pea seed in petridish #1 3) place damp paper towel in petridish #2 4) place pea seed in petridish #2 5) place soaking wet towel in petridish #3 5) place pea seed in petridish #3 7) water paper towel and seed everyday 8) record data every day