Project by group dmsgrayfall2019

Explore Things i know plants need air, sunlight, and water to grow. that the roots will come out of the seed before the actual plant plants can live in many terrains, like desert, lakes, and more plants can not grow in the winter outside. they can inside with light and water. Questions how big can plants grow to? are there specific types of soil that help plants grow Record your background research and the sources you used as your investigation gets underway. seeds need water and sunlight they grow at different paces
Research Question 1. If we take a plant with sunlight and a plant without sunlight which will grow faster?
Predictions 1. If we take a plant with sun light and a plant without sunlight. Then plant with sunlight will grow faster.
Experimental Design If we put seeds in the sunlight and seeds in the shade which will grow more? We thought the seeds in the sun will grow more but we figured out their almost the same. we put ten radish seeds in a petri dish with a damped paper towel in the petri dish.
Conclusion Our claim was that if we put seeds in sunlight and seeds without sunlight the seeds with sunlight will grow faster. That wasn't really the results we got. The seeds in sunlight and the seeds without sunlight grew the same. This happened because the seeds with sunlight took the energy from the sun while the seeds without sunlight took all the energy they needed from their embryos. Their embryos gave them all the energy they needed to grow until they grew leaves. Which they need sunlight to go through photosynthesis. Which is also why the plants without sunlight grew leaves they turned yellow.