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Explore No matter how old the seed is, it can still germinate. There are many ways seeds can move around, including hooking on to clothing, flying in the wind, or being eaten by an animal. There are many sizes of seeds. We need to modify the environment to keep the seeds from dying. Different species of plants are adapted to different environments.
Research Question Does the amount of water affect how long the corn seed grows?
Predictions If a seed has a lot of water in the cup, then the corn seed will sprout the most. I think this because the seed will have the right amount of nutrients to sprout and grow.
Experimental Design Independent Variable = Amount of water Dependent Variable = how long the roots/stem grow Variables to Control = Lighting, heat, oxygen 3 Petri dishes 9 corn seeds water paper towel sharpie tape scissors Get out the 3 Petri dishes. Cut out paper towel so that it fits in the dishes. Put the paper towel in the petri dishes. Cut some tape and write the amounts of water on each one. stick one on each petri dish. put three corn seeds in each dish. fill dish #1 with 1 teaspoon of water fill dish #2 with one tablespoon of water fill dish #3 with 2 tablespoons of water. repeat steps 7-9 for the next 4 days. check the length each day. after 4 days, measure the length of the seed in cm.
Conclusion Claim The amount of water does affect the length of the seed. Evidence The experiment turned out the way it did because of overwatering and underwatering. When we gave the 9 corn seeds 2 teaspoons of water, it was barely underwatering it. It didn't even grow over 10 cm(9.94 cm). When we gave another dish of seeds 2 tablespoons, we overwatered it. It only grew 12.7 cm. But when we gave another dish of seeds 1 tablespoons of water, it grew the tallest, 12.72 cm. Reasoning The reason that the seeds germinated is because of water. If we overwatered it, it didn't give it enough air/oxygen and couldn't go through the process of photosynthesis. But if we give it a good amount of water, it has just the right amount of water to germinate quickly and grow taller. I think this was a fair test because we calculated correctly and added the right amount of water every day, and it was under the same amount of light every day. The results turned out the way I thought because just the right amount of water gives the seed the right amount of water to grow.
Investigation Theme WOS
Grade Level Middle School Students (grades 6,7,8)
School Name DeWitt Middle School
Session Fall 2019