DHS Team 18

Project by group dhswelchspring2017brassica

Explore Everyday we see plants such as when we travel places. We have seen many videos and taken notes over plants to increase our knowledge on plants. What do the leafs look like up close?
Research Question How many seed pods will there be in each plant?
Predictions We predict the high fertilizer will have the most seeds. This is because we think that the higher the fertilizer, the higher amount of seeds there will be.
Experimental Design The top of each bottle was shaped like a funnel. The bottle cap had a water wick inserted in the middle that held water and nutrients. Each bottle was filled with root media, adding 5 tablespoons of vermiculite. Six osmocote pellets were placed in the low nutrient treatment and 24 in the high nutrients. Four tablespoons of a moistened mixture of vermiculite were added. Six fastplant seeds were evenly spread over the soil in a circular fashion. The seeds were covered with two tablespoons of vermiculite and smoothed over. A plastic label was placed on the bottles labeling if they were low, control, or high. The entire root medium was soaked with water till dripping from the wick. After the plants were well watered, they were placed inside a plant light box on foil with light on 24 hours a day.
Conclusion The evidence supports our original hypothesis the high fertilizer had the most seed pods on the plant we think it worked the way it did because the high fertilizer killed the things that were bad for the plant and then it was able to grow more i think we could have improved it by its environment but in conclusion the experiment worked how we planned
Investigation Theme WOS
Grade Level High School Students (Grades 9,10,11,12)
School Name Derby High School
Session Spring 2017