Genetic Plant Growing Project

Project by group cmsoneilspring2021

Explore I know that plants use sunlight and water to grow. We have discovered that plants use different materials and natural materials to grow.
Research Question Will the plant grow in a water bottle? Which is more defining of growth?..... Your environment or your genes?
Predictions I think that the plants will grow in a water bottle. I think that genes are more defining of of growth because they get genes from their parents. I think that compared to the control all the plants will grow because we only changed the amount of fertilizer we had, not the seeds. So, there will be less competition and more nutrients left over for when the plant needs them.
Experimental Design Our plan for this project is to determine what affects the plants in a positive or negative way. In our project we have a control that uses the normal amount of fertilizer, seeds(6), vermiculate(1/3), and soil. We then have an experiment that uses twice the amount of fertilizer, normal amount of seeds(6) and 1/3 cup of vermiculate and soil. Finally we have the experiment using whatever we chose which in our case which is 3 times the amount of fertilizer and added that to what the original control formula(minus the fertilizer because it is 3x the amount of the original control formula). After we finished creating our plants (control, and experiments) we let them sit in our 20 0z bottles under one heating light bulb for 18.73 celsius(on average). We then (4-5 days later) came back to measure and see the progress. We measured in centimeters the length of the stem, the width of the top of the leaves, and how much leaves have grown. Our plan will continue like this every day one of us are in school. We will record our data and measure how much our plants have grown until they form bulbs and flowers.
Investigation Theme BRASSICA
Grade Level High School Students (Grades 9,10,11,12)
Teacher Name Thomas O'Neil
School Name Catholic Memorial School
Session Spring 2021