Dr Pebbah

Project by group cmsobrienspring2021

Explore Outside of school, I know that water and sunlight are the basic necessity of growth in plants. I also know that plants take in carbon dioxide and release oxygen. Things I discovered in class are how plants grow through photosynthesis.
Research Question How can we determine how plants grow through DNA and genetics?
Predictions Some possible outcomes that we may see could be seeing a cumulative change of the plant. Another thing that could also happen is getting more knowledge as to how long and
Experimental Design We cut three water bottles in half. In the top half of the bottles we put fertilizer and seeds. In two we put water, and in one we put Dr. Pepper. Every day we are measuring to see how much the plant grows.
Investigation Theme BRASSICA
Grade Level High School Students (Grades 9,10,11,12)
Teacher Name Bradford O'brien
School Name Catholic Memorial School
Session Spring 2021