Agronomy Feeds the World: Team Cucumber

Project by group cmsmulcaheyaftwfall2021

Explore Outside of school I learned that plants need sun, water, and nutrients in the soil to survive and grow. (ES) Outside of school I learned that without water the leaves on the plants with start to crinkle. (NO) In class we learned that for plants to grow and strive they need bees. Bees pollinate flowers and without bees flowers and plant we slowly start to die. (LR) What interest me and I don't quite know is how tiny bees can effect all of plant and flower growth around the world. (BP)
Research Question For this project we are going to see the different growth rates between a plant using sand a soil and a plant using regular soil. (ES) We came up with this question by thinking about how different soils can effect a plants growth. Then we remembered in how in class we learned about the different amounts of water a plant gets based off of the soil. (BP and Aiden) This question fits in to what we know about the topic because today we learned how different soils can effect how much water plants actually get. We know that a plant's leaves can get brown if they don't have enough water so we want to see if that will happen with either of the soils. (LR)
Predictions Many things could happen to these plants. The plant with the dense soil could grow shorter and not as healthy as the sandy soil plant.(ES) Also, the plant with the dry soil could grow healthier than the plant with the dense soil. (BP) I feel that the plant with the dense soil will grow bigger than the plant with the dry soil because the plant with the dry soil won't ever have enough water. The plant will always be dry and the leaves will start to crinkle. (LR)
Experimental Design Our plan is to have two plants with sandy soil and two plants with dense soil. Then we will have a plant that has a mix of dense and sandy soil.(ES) 1. First, we brainstormed ideas for our experiment. 2. We then thought of the idea of having different soils. 3. Once it was approved we got five bottles in half so that the top fit snug. 4. First, we filled two cups with very dense soil. 5. Then, we filled two cups with very dry soil. 6. Next, we filled one cup with a mix between the dry and the dense soil. 7. Finally, we put the cups under the artificial lights. (LR)
Investigation Theme AFW
Grade Level High School Students (Grades 9,10,11,12)
Teacher Name Brian Mulcahey
School Name Catholic Memorial School
Session Fall 2021