Agronomy Feeds the World: Team Wheat

Project by group cmsmulcaheyaftwfall2021

Explore WCIII, Roots absorb water then the water evaporates after being used by the plant. The plan will change color based on the water. Plants need a certain amount of water RSP, plants are a part of photosynthesis, plants produce chlorophyl VPIV, I used to be a part of boy scout. One of the things you had to know to move to a higher rank was poison plants. We learned which ones were edible and what was best for rashes and burns. Tiernan, Some things that I know about plants are photothinsathis which is when a plant reperduces using the environment to help them reperdice. The plants also I know the way they live they use their roots to collect water and nutrients from the soil. the plants also get sugar from chlorofil which land on the leaves.
Research Question Does sand vs potting soil affect the height of basil plants seeds?
Predictions We think that the soil is a better base.
Experimental Design We are giving our plants the same amount of sunlight and water but on different bases (planting soil/sand.) We have control plants, Japanese Spruces in both of our soil types and we have basil seeds growing as well as our main project.
Investigation Theme AFW
Grade Level High School Students (Grades 9,10,11,12)
Teacher Name Brian Mulcahey
School Name Catholic Memorial School
Session Fall 2021