cfern reproduction

Project by group chsparfittspring2018

Research Question Do different real life products (motor oil, soap, and ice melt) affect the amounts of gametophytes to hemaphrodytes and/or the mass of them? How can we impact the haploid generation of Cferns?
Predictions We predict that the oil will die, but our salt will thrive because the information we gathered that the salt has products in it which are not harmful to plants, animals, and humans.
Experimental Design Once we have the ferns in the petri dishes we will be adding 2 drops of our salt, soap, and oil solutions to each separate dish and continue this pattern until we end our project.
Conclusion Conclusion: In all the control thrived, the soap was never able to grow, the salt seemed to have little to no effect on the ferns, and the oil killed all the plants that it came into contact with.‚Äč
Investigation Theme CFERN
Grade Level High School Students (Grades 9,10,11,12)
School Name Central High School
Session Spring 2018