Team 3+2

Project by group chsparfittspring2018

Explore Starts as haploids and goes to diploid.
Research Question How can we impact the haploid generation of Cferns?
Predictions The blue light cferns will have the biggest percent in change of mass compared to green which would have the smallest percent in change of mass, and the red light would be close to the blue light.
Experimental Design You add cfern spores to a petri dish with agar in it. Every other day add 3 drops of water to the dishes and record the mass of the dishes. Put a cover over each of the dishes to change the wavelength off light that they would receive. Start recording data from the time of germination to a few days after fertilization. You would measure the dishes with a scale.
Conclusion In the experiment the mass in each petri dish went down, red having the least amount of change and green experiencing the highest decrease in the mass. This proves the hypothesis is wrong because the hypothesis assumed that mass would be increasing not decreasing
Investigation Theme CFERN
Grade Level High School Students (Grades 9,10,11,12)
School Name Central High School
Session Spring 2018