Hyeon Yeet

Project by group chsparfittspring2018

Explore plants are green and they absorb light and water to survive, but different light can affect the plants growth
Research Question The overarching question is How can we impact the haploid generation of Cferns? Our specific question How do different wavelengths of light affect the gametophytes?
Predictions If we increase the wavelength of light allowed then there will be less germination because plants don't react as much to higher wavelengths of light.
Experimental Design our plan is to put different light filters on the ferns to study the growth effect on the fern. the independent variable is the light and the dependent variable is the fern. We will be making observations about the effect of the filters on the growth of the ferns.
Conclusion In conclusion, the different wavelengths of light affected the Cferns by making some grow faster and some grow slower. The blue color filter was the one that made the Cfern grow the fastest the green color filter made the Cfern grow the slowest and was smaller than the rest
Investigation Theme CFERN
Grade Level High School Students (Grades 9,10,11,12)
School Name Central High School
Session Spring 2018