CHS Gaston Team

Project by group chsgastonspring2017

Research Question What effect does temperature have on photosynthesis?
Predictions If a person infiltrates leaf disks with water of different temperatures, then the leaf disks with the highest temperature water will have the most leaf disks floating.
Experimental Design We will fill 3 beakers with water up to 100 mL. We will then add baking soda to the water. Then, we will change the temperature of the water by using a hot plate and ice. Next, we will infiltrate the leaf disks. Then, we will put the leaf disks into the appropriate beaker and put the beaker under a light. Finally, we will record how many leaf disks are floating for 15 minutes. We will repeat this 3 times.
Investigation Theme POS
Grade Level High School Students (Grades 9,10,11,12)
School Name Camden High School
Session Spring 2017