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Explore We have analyzed the different trees in our areas, looking at the physical characteristics of the tree and the different benefits it has from its species and trunk circumference. All of us tried to find trees that had some kind of damage to it, in comparison to the other trees in the area, to figure out potential variables or factors. In class, we had learned about cankers, blading of leaves, needle rust, sprouts , and leaf spots, which all come from various natural or internal stresses. Also, we found that there are two different kinds of trees, deciduous and coniferous, and that the location of the tree determines its value and impact in its surrounding area. Our questions on trees are: 1) How does landscape management (trees and yards vs. trees on the boulevard) affect the growth and health of a tree? 2) How does a sick tree affect the trees around it? 3) How does concrete affect roots?.
Research Question How does landscape management (trees in yards vs. trees on the boulevard) affect the growth and health of a tree? Through the ideas and suggestions from our mentor, we were able to create the question. We believe that this question will be easy for us to test because we can observe and identify different types of diseases and the health of trees.
Predictions We believe that the trees that are within yards will be more taken care of, and thus have better health and growth. Trees in yards, typically will be routinely watered and trimmed. We assume that trees on the boulevard, will not be watered and maintained as often as the trees on the yard and have a higher probability of stress. A healthy tree for our experiment, is a tree that does not have signs of stress (i.e. cankers, sprouts, balding , discoloration (leaves and trunk), bacterial infection) .
Experimental Design Our basic plan is to compare the trees on the boulevard to the trees in yards to test if they have differing levels of disease, infections, and stresses, which will be observed in the general health and wellness of the tree. We will test for measurements of the tree (height and circumference of the trunk), maintenance (how often in hours/day or hours/week trees are watered and trimmed), classification of tree (based on amount of damage from disease, infections, and signs of stress) , location (street and city), and special circumstances or conditions. We will keep the type of tree (coniferous/deciduous) and number of trunks (multi-trunk/single-trunk) constant. We will record our data through both numerical and observational data, using both journal-style entries and spreadsheets.
Investigation Theme TREE
Grade Level High School Students (Grades 9,10,11,12)
Teacher Name Crystal Davis
School Name California Academy of Mathematics and Science
Session Spring 2021