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Explore In general, we found that there are many species of many different types of trees that live everywhere in California. We associated the size of the tree to the possible benefits that they provide on the environment. We also observed many biotic and abiotic factors that impacted the tree. Some biotic factors include cankers, blotches, and blights riddled onto the tree. Some abiotic factors that we observed include exposed roots. Some questions that rose from these observations include well conditions must be met for these abiotic and biotic factors to not affect the trees and if bigger trees are more vulnerable to biotic and abiotic factors.
Research Question How does the concentration of salt in the water available to the tree influence its growth? We came up with this question by discussing quantitative method that can be used to observe factors that influence tree growth.
Predictions Our prediction is that water with higher concentrations of salt will negatively impact the growth of the trees.
Experimental Design Our plan is to induce trees of the same species to different salt concentrations and see what the results will be. In this experiment, the salt concentrations will be the independent variable and the height, width, color of leaves, and texture of leaves will be the dependent variable. We will record our qualitative data (texture/color) based on observations and the quantitative data with appropriate measuring tools. Our constant variable will be the concentration of salt water introduced to each tree. For example, the control tree will receive 0% salt water throughout the entirety of the experiment.  
Investigation Theme TREE
Grade Level High School Students (Grades 9,10,11,12)
Teacher Name Crystal Davis
School Name California Academy of Mathematics and Science
Session Spring 2021