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Explore Research on potato rot pathogens/bacteria: Soft rot is caused by a range of bacteria around the world including - Pectobacterium carotovorum subspecies carotovorum (most common), Pectobacterium atrosepticum and Dickeya species, etc. Dry rot is caused by fungal species in the genus Fusarium (thus the name Fusarium dry rot) The most important dry rot pathogen in the Northeast is Fusarium sambucinum, although Fusarium solani is also present. Research on food rotting on the way to customers: High concentration of ethylene causes premature aging and rotting of fruits and vegetables Observations (qualitative) : Day 1 & 2 - little to no change Day 3 & 4 - grown tubers in the indents of the potato, white flakes around the inoculation site, circle dark patches throughout the potato without tubers, yellow color, dry and hard, not that rough of texture Observations (quantitative) : Day 3 & 4: 8 tubers on the smallest potato, less tubers on medium potato (about 5)
Research Question How does the type of damage affect potato rot?
Predictions Greater the damage area, faster the potato rot
Experimental Design Control: Regular potato (no cuts) Length: 2 weeks When to Collect Data: once every day Independent variable: type of damage Bruised ? Punctured Lesion Partly skinned Dependent variable: rotting (amount/quality) Trials: Each person has 4 potatoes: one control potato & 3 trial potatoes (each person has a different cut) Measurement: In centimeters Materials: plastic bags (same kind) potatoes from the same pack cutting tool (knife/others) water Qualitative type data: smell texture color solidity tubers patches on skin where do signs of rot appear? Quantitative type data: # of tubers # of patches on skin How far did the rot spread from the damaged area? PROCEDURE 1. Submerge in water ( 3 cups of water & 3 min). 2. Take out with tongs and place on a plate. Let dry for 5 minutes. 3. Cut/damage the potatoes. 4. Put directly into plastic bag + seal. 5. Repeat steps 1-4 for three trial potatoes per damage type. 6. Over a span of 2 weeks, check + record observations per day at 8:00 PM.
Investigation Theme Copy PGST
Grade Level High School Students (Grades 9,10,11,12)
School Name California Academy of Mathematics and Science
Session Fall 2020