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The Greenhouse Effect
othsmikosspring2020project21 The Greenhouse Effect public
Research Question: Do plants perform photosynthesis based on how much Carbon Dioxide is available?
The Impact of Temperature on The Rate of Soft Rot Infection in Potatoes
hvchsluccispring2020project5 The Impact of Temperature on The Rate of Soft Rot... public
Research Question: Is there a significant change in the amount of soft rot present in a potato affected when the potatoes are placed in a hot, cold, and...
The Plant Wrap Experiment
othsmikosspring2020project5 The Plant Wrap Experiment public
Research Question: What is the difference in the rate of photosynthesis when a plant has a clear layer between the plant and the light source and another does not?
Three Mouseketeers
bcsboylespring2020project3 Three Mouseketeers public
Research Question: How will different fluids affect the growth and health of the plant?
Til all have grown
vcsgeorgespring2020project5 Til all have grown public
Research Question: Do plants grow better if the seeds are started in aquaponics or if they are germinated and then placed in aquaponics.