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whswinsteadspring2019project0 SHnekkkks public
Research Question: How does the size of a leaf chad affect the rate of photosynthesis?
Smarty Plants
dmsstiemspring2019project23 Smarty Plants public
Research Question: How does the amount of fertilizer effect the germination rate of a buckwheat seed?
bcsboylespring2019project3 sushilovers246 public
Research Question: Our research question is if we use different liquids to water our soybean seed, then we want to see if the seed will germinate.
Table 6 6Moo
sffstantocospring2019project6 Table 6 6Moo public
Research Question: Our research question is how does competition vary between different sized seeds?
Tater Tots
mmhsharrisspring2019project3 Tater Tots public
Research Question: How does soft rot affect peeled vs unpeeled potatoes? Will soft rot develop faster if the potato is peeled? How we came up with question was we...
taya, chloe, and emma are cool
dmsgrayspring2019project2 taya, chloe, and emma are cool public
Research Question: How much water would the seed need to get the plant to germinate the fastest?
Team 1
dcrhsmcmullenspring2019proje1 Team 1 public
Research Question: How do you make celery bend the most it possibly can?
Team 5
dcrhsmcmullenspring2019proje5 Team 5 public
Research Question: How does the amount of salt in water correlate to the bendiness of celery?
team team
dmsstiemspring2019project26 team team public
Research Question: What type of liquid makes a plant germinate the fastest?
dmsgrayspring2019project13 TEAM TEAM public
Research Question: How does the intensity of light affect the speed of germination of a pea plant?
Test Team 4
projecttestgroupproject4 Test Team 4 public
Research Question: What are plants?
Investigation Theme: The Wonder of Seeds (seed germination and growth)
The Backyardigans
dmsstiemspring2019project17 The Backyardigans public
Research Question: How does the type of sugar in water affect the germination of a corn plant?
The Bears
dcrhsmcmullenspring2019proje2 The Bears public
Research Question: how does temperature of water affect celery bending?
The Bonsai Gardeners
nebuzzellspring2019project5 The Bonsai Gardeners public
Research Question: How do different types of plants respond to being grown upside down?
thE buBbLe GuPiEs
dmsstiemspring2019project21 thE buBbLe GuPiEs public
Research Question: How does the depth of a seed affect its germination rate?
The Buzzers
bcsboylespring2019project8 The Buzzers public
Research Question: If we test water levels then we want to grow two plants with different water levels to see how the water affects a plant's germination. We...
The Cabbage Patch Kids
nebuzzellspring2019project8 The Cabbage Patch Kids public
Research Question: How will the plant's growth change, using different types of fertilizer? We came up with this question when thinking about how plants grow faster...
The Cackling Corn
nebuzzellspring2019project2 The Cackling Corn public
Research Question: The research question we want to test is how plants react to different types of water. We knew that some types f bottled water had things added...
The Chad Lads
whswinsteadspring2019project3 The Chad Lads public
Research Question: Does the pH level of the water affect the rate photosynthesis?
The Cowboys (and GIrls) *Yee Yee
dmsstiemspring2019project5 The Cowboys (and GIrls) *Yee Yee public
Research Question: How does the amount of pollution in water affect the growth rate of germination in a plant?
The Drizzled Dragon Trees
nebuzzellspring2019project10 The Drizzled Dragon Trees public
Research Question: Do different amounts of light affect the plants' growth? , One 1/2 covered, one full in sun, and one with so sun, and something with a lamp to...
The Genuine Geniuses
dmsgrayspring2019project11 The Genuine Geniuses public
Research Question: How does the quality of soil affect the time it takes for a seed to germinate?
the lemongrasses
dmsstiemspring2019project15 the lemongrasses public
Research Question: Which plant will germinate first Nasturtium, Corn, or Alfalfa?
The Little Einsteins
whswinsteadspring2019project1 The Little Einsteins public
Research Question: Our group will study how the amount of baking soda in distilled water affects the rate of photosynthesis.
The Little Potato
dmsgrayspring2019project6 The Little Potato public
Research Question: How does the amount of light affect how ryegrass germinates?